"Crossing paths with Steve West has been a turning point in my life. Even better still, Steve treated me as an individual and has given me the knowledge, understanding and self confidence to realise life's full potential thus able to enjoy the world around me.I had lived with depression and anxiety for over 20 years, I was exhausted, unpleasant, self destructive, unappreciative, consistently ill and unable to enjoy life's simple, yet beautiful pleasures. Prior to Steve's treatment, I was taking Citalopram, had received counselling on and off through out my life and my marriage was on the rocks. Within one 20 minute phone call to Steve I had a new found, deeper understanding of my symptoms never before provided by my GP or councillor. Within one session everything began to change. If and when needed, I shall always approach Steve for his knowledge, non judgemental wisdom, kindness, professionalism, and incredible ability to share positivity with others. There is no doubt in my mind that all who have been treated by Steve see it as I do, a privilege."