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Stephen West BSc.Lic.Ac.MAcSAc

Stephen West BSc.Lic.Ac.MAcSAc is a fully qualified acupuncturist with more than 12 years in clinical practice. Stephen is now practising in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Since graduating from the International College of Oriental Medicine (ICOM) in 2004, Stephen has established a successful practice in Horsham, West Sussex where he also continues to work. Stephen is also a qualified massage practitioner and a member of the teaching staff and Clinic Supervisor at the International College of Oriental Medicine.

Stephen is a member of the Acupuncture Society and adheres to their strict code of ethics and safe practice. To book an appointment or to ask Stephen a question please click here…


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Acupuncture is a fascinating and ancient form of healing, with its development evolving over thousands of years. Evidence suggests that it is the oldest complete and readily practiced medical system still used today. A typical treatment using involves the needling and occasional manipulation of very fine, hair-like needles into very specific points that are located along the body’s meridian channels. Acupuncture is not only a safe practice but it is also a very effective method to stimulate and promote remarkable self healing ability of the human body.

This kind of treatment is commonly used for many symptoms and ailments as well as helping to prevent illness and promote good health. Other common uses of this treatment method include pain relief, mood balancing, to enhance sports performance, promote fertility, and improve wellness and overall health.

tools used in acupuncture treatmentOriginally used as a form of preventative healing, many people still use Chinese acupuncture for the sole purpose of keeping themselves healthy, boosting their immune system and enhancing well being. However, it is far more common now a days for people to come for treatment with presenting symptoms or a specific health condition.

Stephen also has a keen interest and good knowledge of pain management and also in the treatment of psychosomatic disorders. In 2004 Stephen wrote a thesis on acupuncture and the treatment of insomnia, having previously been a sufferer himself and is also well versed in the subject.

Stephen has also been practicing acupuncture in Horsham since 2006 and continues to run a successful practice in the West Sussex town. For people not able to see Stephen for acupuncture in Kent, they also have the option to visit his Horsham practice on a Thursday. For more information please visit


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“I have been to Steve’s practice for a problem that I had for several months. Steve treated me with acupuncture and I have to say with amazing results! After a few hours my problem was gone. When I was at Steve’s clinic I felt very comfortable talking about my problem as he was very professional, interested, considerate and very informative. He knows a lot about his work. I will definitely come to see Steve again in the future if I have the need.”

Kamila Povolna, Tunbridge Wells

“Stephen has treated me with acupuncture for a few years now for a range of issues and I can truly say I feel drastically different after each treatment. My doctor diagnosed me with glue ear, after trying many things I went to Stephen and he is the only person who could make my ears better!”

Angie Prossor - Dubai

“Steve is a very good acupuncturist producing wonderful results. I have benefited so much from his treatments. When I first went to Steve I was not in a very good state of health but now have much less pain and will be going back soon to have some further treatments. He is such a caring person and totally committed to his work. He is a very good listener, and immediately puts one at ease. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who wants help. Thank you so much Steve”

Edwina Lang, Pulborough

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