Summer is just around the corner now and it will be much more enjoyable to experience it with great health, so I thought I’d share with you a couple of great green drink recipes. Many people often ask me the best ways to promote their health and well being.

By far one of the best and easiest ways it to start the day with a green smoothie. Not only do they provide a massive amount of essential vitamins and minerals for the body which can help to eradicate health problems, they also taste really great!

Benefits of a Green Smoothie

In particular, green drinks are a fantastic way to get more greens into your diet. The blending process helps to break down the fruit and vegetables putting them into a much more easily absorbed state. By extracting all the goodness out of the ingredients you are able to ingest a far higher quantity of goodness from a green smoothie than if you were to eat the vegetables.

Green drinks are also a brilliant way to get more chlorophyll into your system. In simple terms, chlorophyll is the sun energy absorbed through plants that gives them the bright green color.

The health and well-being benefits of chlorophyll are countless, ranging from its ability to deliver oxygen throughout the body to being able to reduce the binding of carcinogens to DNA in the liver and other organs to protecting us from low-level X-rays radiation coming from TV sets, computer screens, microwaves and cell phones. One of the best ways to get more chlorophyll in your diet is, you guessed it, by drinking green smoothies!

Other fantastic benefits of green drinks include:

  1.  A great source of fiber
  2.  A fantastic alkalizer
  3.  Greater nutrient assimilation
  4.  Weight loss promoter
  5.  Healthier skin, hair and nails
  6.  You feel calm and peaceful
  7.  You feel happy for no reason, helping you to adopt a more positive outlook in life 🙂
  8.  Promotes healthy skin
  9.  Promotes smooth bowel movement
  10. Energy, energy and more energy!


Green Drink Recipes

Green smoothie for advanced health and energy

This is the recipe that I am currently following each day. It consists of apples, celery, cucumber, baby spinach leaves, avocado and wheat grass powder. This recipe is a great energy booster and a fantastic way to alkalize your body.

How to make: 2 apples, 4-6 sticks of celery and 1/3 of cucumber in a juicer. Big handful of baby spinach leaves, one avocado in a blender with the added juice from your juicer, ad 1/3 glass mineral water and one teaspoon of wheat grass powder and blend all together.
This recipe is delicious with the main flavour’s being the apples and avocado. Sometimes I also add broccoli in the juicer or beetroot.

Green Smoothie for Weight-Loss

1/4 inch sliced Ginger root, 1 Beetroot, 1/2 Apple, 4 Carrots

How to make: All these ingredients go in the juicer.
This green smoothie is also great for age spots, allergies, blood clots, cancer prevention and cleansing amoungst other things.

Green Smoothie for Menstrual Problems

Handful of baby spinach leaves, 2 kale leaves, 1 beetroot, 2-4 celery sticks, 1 apple

How to make: Juice beetroot, celery and apple. Add this juice to a blender with the spinach leaves and kale leaves and blend together well until all is liquidized.
This juice is also good for anxiety, depression, digestive problems, headaches, male infertility, insomnia and benign prostate enlargement.

There are also many more fantastic green drink recipes out there to try. However, one really important rules to follow when it comes to juicing for your health is to not use too much fruit in your drinks. It’s not that fruit is bad for you, it’s of course very good but we need to be careful not to have too much as it is also loaded with sugar.

Having too much sugar in your diet, regardless if it is from processed food or even from healthy sources such as fruits, can cause an acidic internal environment in your body. Having an acidic internal environment is a big contributor to many health problems. However, having a high amount of veg and chlorophyll in your diet can help to make your internal environment more alkaline, promote good health and even improve longevity.

Therefore, a good rule to follow it comes to juicing is bearing in mind a 1:4 ratio of fruit to veg when you make your smoothies. That is to say, for every one fruit you add, use 4 veg items. This is not a hard and fast rule and it of course also depends on the fruit you are using as some fruits have a higher sugar content than others. 1 apple for example is the equivalent of about 25% of your RDA of sugar per day.

The most important thing is to be sensible with what you put in your juicer and keep the sugar content low!

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